Blue Agave Elderberry & Ginger Syrup

Blue Agave Elderberry & Ginger Syrup


Build a healthy immune system with this all natural, organic syrup. It's made with 100% organic Blue Agave, zero added sugars and no additives or chemical preservatives. Use it as a daily supplement to support your immune health or as a Vegan sweetening flavor boost for teas and other beverages. High in Vitamins C, E and D.

This Syrup may help:

Lower antioxidants

Boost your Immune System

Lower Stress Levels

Relieve Nausea

Promote Digestive Health

Manage healthy weight

Maintain healthy Joints

Maintain healthy Blood Sugar


Bundle with our Eldorado Gold Immune Booster (14 oz)


8 oz

Allergen Alert: Vegan, Gluten Sensitive

Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon

Not meant to diagnose or treat any ailments or conditions.