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Hand Sanitizer DIY - What you need to know

Corona virus panic buying and there's no hand sanitizer on the store shelves? Don't worry, I got you covered. Let's start with a few other things first, however.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and will not be making any medical claims in this post. What I do have are certifications in sanitation and hygiene and a very close proximity to a Registered Charge Nurse (sister) and a few doctors (friends).

Over the course of our conversations, my training and from watching other medical professionals on the news, the one thing that remains clear is that there is no substitute for actual soap and, warm water (as warm as you can take it preferably). It is standard sanitation practice that you should wash your hands as often as possible and not touch your hair or face. This is preached at many pre-shift meetings all over the world in the food service industry as there are many other nasty viruses that can be spread when these simple hygiene methods aren't followed.

So, it simple....WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN!

In the event that that is not possible then something is better than nothing and that something is portable hand sanitizer gel. These days they are hard to come by and some folks have even taken to price gouging, making it almost impossible for the everyday person to acquire a single tiny bottle. Fret not thy self, for there are many home-made recipes that you can use to put your mind a bit at ease. I'm sharing with you the one that I have used myself. I have a toddler that's always with me and when we go out, I need to have a way to make sure that our hands are as clean as they can be when hand washing is not an option.


1 Cup of 91% Isopropyl or Rubbing Alcohol

1/2 Cup of Aloe Vera Gel (may substitute with vegetable glycerin)

15 Drops of Tea Tree Oil (Preferable for anticeptic properties)

Method: Simply Combine all ingredients in a bowl, mixing thoroughly. Using a funnel, fill travel sized squeeze bottles and you're all set.

Caution: Aloe Vera and essential oils are used to maintain moisture and help your skin not to dry out, crack or bleed due to the use of alcohol. Do not skip this step and it's always a good idea to use any hand sanitizer reasonably and again deferring to actual hand washing when you can.

Wishing us all safety during this time.


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