Nana's Caribbean Bush Tea

Nana's Caribbean Bush Tea

My Guyanese grandma believed in Natural Remedies and brewed us her special blend of herbs to help keep us healthy and strong.  There are many cultures that share this tradition and we celebrate them all.
This brew is just like my grandma used to make in Guyana, with leaves, herbs and flowers Organically grown in the Tropics.
It includes:
Lemongrass (aka Fever Grass)
Conga Pump (Wild Paw Paw)
Chamomile Flowers
Green Tea

Known Health Benefits:
Lemongrass -
Lowering cholesterol
Preventing infection
Boosting oral health
Relieving pain
Boosting red blood cell levels
Relieving bloating
Lowering anxiety
Reduce Fever

Conga Pump -
Anti Inflammatory
Boost Cardiovascular health
Manage Hypertension
Boost Liver health

Chamomile -
Pain Management (especially menstrual)
Lowering Blood Sugar
Sleep Aid and Anxiety reducing
Cold Symptom relief

Green Tea -
Improve Brain function
Boost Cardiovascular health
Aid in maintaining healthy weight
Lower Cholesterol
Maintain healthy Blood Pressure
Maintain healthy Blood Sugar

10 Individual Tea Bags

Allergen Alert: Vegan, Gluten Sensitive

6 mgs caffeine per 8 oz serving

100% Cotton, recyclable tea bags

Not meant to diagnose or treat any ailments.