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Eldorado Gold Immunity Smoothie

Eldorado Gold Immunity Smoothie


Nothing beats a healthy immune system. NOTHING! Help keep your immune system in top sape with this All Natural, All Organic, All Fresh Smoothie. It has Zero additives, preservatives or coloring. Made with Eucalyptus Raw Honey, Thyme, Ginger, Citrus pulp n peel, Jalepenos, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Tumeric, Peppermint, Apples.... Now with more tumeric!

1tbsp 2x day is all you need to give your body that extra fighting boost. Great as a cleanse too. Just dilute with water.


14 oz


Allergen Alert: Vegetarian! Gluten Sensitive!


Ships cold. Refrigerate immediately.


Best if used within 8-12 weeks.


Not meant for treatment or diagnosis of any conditions. Health benefits based on researchable data of ingredients.

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