Summer Citrus Fields Tea

Summer Citrus Fields Tea

Vibrant citrus flavor and smooth floral notes make for the perfect Summer brew. Sip and chat over this delight that's not just tantalizing to your pallette but divinely healing to your body.
Made with Organic Lemon Verbena leaves, Daisy leaves and roasted Rose petals.

Lemon Verbena benefits:
-Soothes the digestive system
-Relieves gas, bloating and digestive system irregularities
-Promotes healthy skin and joint health
-Helps relieve symptoms associated with asthma, colds and fevers
-Helps you relax, reducing anxiety and insomnia

Daisy Leaf benefits:
-Relieves symptoms associated with bronchitis, coughs and colds
-Promotes healthy liver and kidneys
-Fights inflammation
-Antioxadent rich

Rose benefits:
-Lowers heart disease risk factors
-Helps to manage diabetic symptoms
-Promotes healthy cognitive functions
-Helps maintain healthy cells

10 Hand Filled Tea Bags

Allergen Alert: Vegan, Gluten Sensitive
Herbal/Caffeine Free

100% Cotton, recyclable tea bags

Not meant to diagnose or treat any ailments or conditions.